Renee Hall-George (She/her)


I support teens and adults struggling with depression and anxiety with honesty, directness, skill teaching, and humor.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Decatur, GA

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About My Clients

Are you feeling increasingly overwhelmed? Life is feeling hard? Your mood is suffering and you are feeling anxious, depressed. Your relationships are suffering. This isn’t the life you want to live. You know something needs to shift. My clients are wanting to change something, and we begin by exploring and defining what that change is, why you want it, then work together to craft the “how”. My clients appreciate my foundation of mindfulness and practical tools and skills.

My Background and Approach

I have been trained in DBT and CBT, and incorporate these modalities. We will work on skills and tools that you can use to make your life feel more manageable. We can use techniques like EFT, experiential exercises, visioning, meditation, routines, and ceremonies to create the shift you want. We can reassess often and hone your “what”, “why”, and “how”. As a therapist, I view my role as being... being beside you in your recreating phase, being a safe, objective, caring listener, being on your team, and being available to give you honest and direct feedback.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Acceptance and change are on opposite ends of the continuum, and we are somewhere on that continuum all the time. Bringing awareness to our choices is where freedom and response-ability lives. I am fascinated by this dance. I am also aware that we do not live in a vacuum: many different systems and *isms exist in our world. I believe in bringing awareness to these influences, and working to change broken systems. I believe that is a right and a responsibility, and may happen on an individual level. We all matter as people, and our actions matter as well. I am honored to be of service in change-making on any level.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 4 years of practice


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