Adolescent Issues

Today’s teens and adolescents face a variety of unique issues. Adolescents are still figuring out who they are and what their place is in the world. They may be struggling with questions of identity, sexuality, and relationships. Adolescence is also when a number of mental health problems (such as anxiety or depression) may first develop or become noticeable. A mental health professional who specializes in adolescent issues can be a great asset in helping a young person navigate this distinctive time in their lives. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today!

Meet the specialists

I have worked with teens as a School Counselor, school based therapist and as a therapist in community agency settings on a variety of issues

— Louisa Lombard, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with adolescents and young adults throughout most of my clinical practice. Providing healthy modeling and understanding can provide a strong basis for a young person to explore their true potential.

— Jin S. Kim, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

I spent the first ten years of my professional career working with youth and families through a school-based non-profit program. I then spent the better part of my graduate education developing the skills to serve adolescent clients well, and supporting young people through one of the most difficult seasons of life. My approach is both respectful and gentle as I help adolescent people navigate those turbulent years.

— Aaron Kelsay, Counselor in Portland, OR

Adolescence is one of the most difficult phases of development; helping train their brain by learning coping skills, communication techniques and forward thinking can help make this transition smoother. Family involvement is encouraged.

— Lisa Lovelace, Clinical Psychologist in , MN

Teens are often misunderstood, while well-loved and highly frustrating. Connecting with them over their incredibly intense developmental challenges is the foundation to therapy. When the urgency becomes what adults want them to do or be (or not do or not be), teens feel dismissed and disrespected for who and what they are. Teen works starts with eliciting and then reflecting to them their developmental challenges AND their cross-cultural dilemmas trying to enter into an unfamiliar adult life.

— Ronald Mah, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Leandro, CA

Do You Feel Like You’ve Lost Your Teenager? Do you feel shut out of your teens life? Are you concerned that your teen is not understanding the consequences of making poor choices? Are you concerned that your teen may have poor self image, poor body image, or an eating disorder? Being a parent is hard regardless of your unique situation, and there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Wouldn't it be better to help your teen figure out now what's happening then when they are 24?

— Cathy Sharer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Cardiff, CA

I understand that adolescent issues are wide in range and affect the whole family. I have experience coming alongside pre-teens/ teens and their families to help grow, support, work through different issues, and heal.

— Heather Garza, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Arlington, TX

Many teens and their parents get stuck in a rut due to negative communication skills, lack of boundaries, low self-esteem, and other road blocks within the relationship. These cycles tend to lead to diminished connections, rebellious teens, and struggling parents. I work with parents and families in order to help renew a sense of community and peace within the home. This can include learning about attachment and how you and your child can feel more connected and practicing new parenting skills.

— Nikkita Stonner, Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO

I have worked with adolescents in various settings including residential treatment, IOP/PHP, and high-school campuses. Together we can navigate the teenage years and help you envision the life you want. You are at a stage where so much is changing, yet you are still treated like a kid at times. This can be frustrating and it can help to have someone to talk to while you discover the ups and downs of your teenage years.

— Sabrina Fish, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA

Being a teen in today's world is tough, and any added support can be helpful. To support adolescents, traditional talk therapy is combined with creative interventions. I listen in a non-judgmental way to help teens feel more comfortable sharing and learning to solve their own problems as they transition into adulthood.

— Jeanine Rousso, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

It's not easy being a teenager, especially these days. My experience with teens is that many of them are stressed out, worried about the future, and many experience depression. Using primarily CBT along with some mindfulness, I help my clients develop ways to express their feelings and useful strategies to cope with those feelings.

— Kerry Graser, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Rafael, CA

Michael’s professional experience includes working with older youth in a residential setting who struggle with behavioral and mental health issues, including inappropriate sexual conduct, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and more. He has also spent time as a central Ohio caseworker working closely with families involved with the Juvenile Court system.

— Michael Gacnik, Counselor in Groveport, OH

I am experienced in coming along side teens to work though, cope with, grow, and heal from their hurting. I understand that the family is also affected and work towards providing support for parents.

— Heather Garza, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Arlington, TX

I have a background in educational counseling and years of experience working in high schools. I help teens cope with performance anxiety, body image and sexual identity issues, as well as college planning.

— Tamika Lewis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Sherman Oaks, CA

Has your communication or relationship with your teenager broken down? Have you fallen into a pattern of fighting instead of relating? It is developmentally appropriate for adolescents to be working on asserting their independence and figuring out their identity. Support can be helpful through this challenging time of transitions. If your teenager is struggling with peer or school related issues, anxiety, gender or sexual identity, depression, or substance use, please contact me.

— Sabrina Merz, Counselor in Boulder, CO

I've been working with teens for almost 15 years! This is population I have a passion for. Adolescence is such a challenging and confusing time. I could have used a resource during that time and I'm sure you can use one now!

— Tiffany Ashe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Durham, NC