Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol abuse or dependency (also known as alcoholism) are serious problems relating to the habitual misuse of alcohol – typically characterized by drinking too much, too often, with an inability to stop. If drinking is negatively effecting your life and relationships and you can’t seem to get it under control, you may be abusing alcohol. Other signs could include craving a drink, drinking to relax, lying about drinking, neglecting responsibilities because of drinking, hiding your drinking, and/or driving while drinking. But the good news is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency, contact one of our specialists today to get help.

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Acknowledging that you need help is never easy, but it’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. Whether you’ve decided to get help to control or moderate your alcohol or drug use, or just want to explore the role that addiction might play in your life, you are being proactive in getting help. Addiction is a family illness that inevitably alters the lives of everyone. I can help those suffering from their loved ones addiction as we navigate a new course with healthy limits.

— Gwen Haagensen, Licensed Professional Counselor in Pewaukee and Delafield, WI

Substances can be used as a coping mechanism, but it isn't always healthy. I use a harm-reduction approach to help you reach your goals whether they are to get control of your use or complete sobriety.

— Stephanie Taylor, Mental Health Counselor in Belton, TX

Despite popular discourse on addiction, your substance use is not a black and white issue. You don't necessarily have a disease and your uncertainty about abstinence doesn't mean you're in denial. So take a deep breath. Together, we'll explore how your substance use has helped you and how it hurts. We'll work collaboratively to experiment with individualized strategies to reduce any problematic substance use or quit altogether, if that's what you want. Along the way, you'll develop healthier ways to cope. I offer a non-dogmatic space, where you can share your struggle without receiving ultimatums and prescriptions.

— Lily Sloane, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

I have successfully helped individuals struggling with relationship issues, addictions, anxiety, depression, parenting issues and various family/life conflicts.

— Gordon Gooding, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Cold Spring Harbor, NY

I have over 7 years of experience working in addiction recovery as a drug and alcohol counselor, therapist and Project Director for a 200 bed residential recovery treatment center.

— Nichole Prince, Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Hi, my name is Carol and I'm a woman in long term recovery from an alcohol addiction. Wish I had a nickel for every time I've said that! Based on my personal and professional experience over the years, there is hope! There is a way out!

— Carol Tjaden, Counselor in Waterloo, IA

I hold a CAADC in the state of Georgia, meaning I am a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor.

— Kristin Mock, Licensed Professional Counselor in Savannah, GA

The journey of evaluating your relationship with alcohol and deciding if you would like to make changes, or discovering that it's challenging to make those changes, is a personal one, and different for everyone. There are also similar challenges along the way that everyone faces, and are a normal part of the process. If you find yourself questioning your drinking, or the behaviors around your drinking, I can help support you with a nonjudgmental approach.

— Christi Proffitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

Several years experience working with people who have an alcohol use disorder, and their loved ones who are affected by it. I am a Master's Level Certified Addiction Professional.

— Kellie Brown, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Tampa, FL

Are you tired of being told “just say no”? Are you tired of being called weak-willed or defective? Have you grown tired of being treated like a problem and not a person? Do you keep drinking or using in spite of the negative ways those habits affect your life? Having counseled people troubled by addiction for the past 10 years, I feel confident that recovery is possible.

— Brian Hayes, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Sacramento, CA

Providing treatment for all drug, alcohol, & process addictions. Supportive of medication assisted treatment options for addiction and all paths to recovery. In partnership with the Problem Gambling Resource Center, I am an approved provider for gambling addiction treatment, having completed over 70 hours of additional training on gambling addiction in the past year.

— Tracy Carmody, Counselor in Baldwinsville, NY

When is one too many? When a thousand isn't enough. (Chinese Proverb) If you are trying to have just one, ask yourself how did drinking become so important that it's worth the struggle? Have you tried to cut down or quit before? Do you switch from drinking to weed back to drinking? If you are trying to cut down or quit, I can help.

— Sandy Demopoulos, Clinical Social Worker in White Plains, NY

Over the years, I have worked with many individuals who come in questioning whether their use of alcohol is problematic. I come from a harm reduction standpoint in order to create a safe environment.

— Veronica Ulery, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Northwood, NH

I have been counseling in this field for over 13 years and have the ability to offer education and support for those whose are struggling with this unfortunate disease.

— Lisa Mohawk, Licensed Professional Counselor in Woodruff, WI

I have been working intensively for many years with folks who struggle with substance use disorders. I have found that it is not a one size fits all disease which in turn means that it is not a one size fits all solution. I focus on the person in front of me and we will work collaboratively to help you heal.

— Adrienne Marcellus, Counselor in asheville, NC

Alcoholism is a disease of isolation, and many times can be traced back to underlying trauma. I've been working with recovering alcoholics in private practice for over 20 years. I'm also the Evening Program Coordinator at The Summit Wellness Group, a treatment center in Roswell, GA. Let me help you in taking the first step towards recovery.

— Mary Gay, Licensed Professional Counselor in Roswell, GA

I use cognitive behavioral and acceptance and commitment approaches to address substance use issues. I am very familiar with the 12 step model, but do not insist that it is the only path to sobriety. There are as many approaches to recovery as there are people with substance use concerns. I will help you discover what your needs are, and how to meet those without using substances in a damaging way.

— Cassandra Walker, Counselor in ,

I have worked as a primary therapist in drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs for many years. I have extensive experience working with people in early and long term recovery from substance abuse, working with the 12-step model, and with other avenues of recovery. I have considerable knowledge and experience in working with issues of addiction, co-dependence, and the family system of addiction. ​

— Ariadne Thompson, Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakand, CA

I was the lead counselor at a residential treatment facility for co-occurring disorders for many years, and have experience with all types of addiction and addictive behaviors. I incorporate SMART recovery concepts, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and a Person Centered Approach. We will examine your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that lead to an unhealth relationship with substances and work to correct each of those.

— Katherine Pfeiffer, Counselor in Tampa, FL

My doctoral research explored an alternative approach (to 12-steps) for addressing alcohol misuse. I take a positive psychological approach informed by Attachment theory and Interpersonal theory to address your relationship to alcohol as a surrogate/replacement and coping tool for your human relationships.

— Andrew Van Dyke, Psychologist in Colorado Springs, CO

Providing treatment for all drug, alcohol, & process addictions. Supportive of medication assisted treatment options for addiction and all paths to recovery. In partnership with the Problem Gambling Resource Center, I am an approved provider for gambling addiction treatment, having completed over 70 hours of additional training on gambling addiction in the past year.

— Tracy Carmody, Counselor in Baldwinsville, NY

I have spent many years working in the substance abuse arena. I have worked in community based setting, intensive outpatient center running groups and individual sessions, as well as residential treatment running groups and individual sessions. I hold a credential in alcohol and drug addiction and am required to obtain continuing education yearly in order to stay at the height of information in my field and be able to know the current best standards in treatment.

— Alaina Smith, Licensed Professional Counselor in Grand Rapids, MI

Alcohol and other drugs can be so insidious. The pervasive use in our culture makes it really difficult to know if you're just a "normal" person who has a bottle of wine every night or an alcoholic. Where does it cross the line? I have experience helping clients to find their personal line, and set boundaries with themselves. I will never tell you what to do, but I can help you to reduce the harm that substances are having on your life.

— Colleen Hennessy, Licensed Professional Counselor in San Diego, CA

Alcohol is a popular drug because it is legal and accessible as medical marijuana. Alcohol follows the same pattern as drugs by tolerance that increases over time for the alcoholic. couple beers, six-pack, 12 -pack, one case, and then bar hopping. The end result is having a blackout where the alcoholic cannot remember who they ran over with the car or loses sections of their memory over time or have the shakes in the morning trembling. Can alcohol be stopped in paradise?

— Dale Komoda, Counselor in Honolulu, HI