Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that specifically seeks to help couples prepare for marriage. Premarital counseling can help partners work through current conflicts and also help them to identify areas that might cause conflict in the future – things like raising children, sex, careers plans, or finances. By working through these issues, or developing a plan to address them in the future, couples can learn useful communication tools that will serve them well throughout their relationship. Premarital counseling offers a safe space to discuss any and all concerns relating to a relationship and can benefit all couples are contemplating marriage. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s qualified premarital counseling experts today. 

Meet the specialists

Getting married is exciting! Having the tools to make a marraige last can be a bit daunting. Utilizing my training in Prepare and Enrich and Restoration Therapy we can begin to learn ways of communicating that create a unique “Usness”. We can begin to identify roles, expectations, and desires for the marriage.

— Aimee Grimm, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Montrose, CA

Marriage and commitment is an investment. So why not start your commitment off from a strong point and do some pre-commitment work? Premarital therapy is my jam, and I love when couples come in to have a few sessions prior to taking the plunge. Society often views the wedding as the end goal, however it is just the beginning of a life-long love with ups and downs. In premarital counseling, I help identify current negative interaction patterns which may be getting in the way of communication, as well as identify possible triggers which will pop up here and there throughout the relationship. By establishing a deeper understanding of one another, couples can help support one another during tough times, as well as create a foundation for conflict resolution.

— Miranda Bayard-Clark, Licensed Professional Counselor in Lake Oswego, OR

I offer a 6-session premarital/commitment preparation package. First, I get to know you and your partner, and understand your relationship story. The next five, semi-structured sessions cover a range of relationship best practices including communication, intimacy, and finances. The sessions are fun and interactive. The program is focused on growth, not problems. There is no religious affiliation. One $490 fee covers up to six sessions and can be purchased as a shower present or wedding gift.

— Mary-lynn Ballew, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Seattle, WA

I have experience working with couples who are in a committed relationship but struggle navigating the tricky hills and valleys of long-term relationships. Often couples display a deep love for one another but struggle to get to the altar because of 3 reasons: pre family trauma, fear and unforgiveness. I use a curriculum to help couples learn better communication, rules of intimacy, and how to simply get along. The goal is to help couples make an informed decision for their future.

— Tamara Mosley, Licensed Professional Counselor in Aubrey, TX

Pre-marital counseling can help you and your significant other improve your relationship by helping you develop better communication skills, learn conflict management, uncover your shared core values as well as identify differences that could create future conflict. Working with a therapist, you can discuss expectations with your partner that will help better prepare both of you for marriage.

— Joseph Suchanic, Marriage & Family Therapist in Missoula, MT

We together identify strength and growth areas, which allows you to learn more about you relationship and provide me with the resources to increase marital satisfaction. Sessions cover topics including: Strength and Growth Areas for the Relationship Resolving Conflict Couples Goals Financial Budgeting

— Ivana Maclay, Counselor in Portland, OR

Premarital counseling reduces divorce rates by about 33%. I offer premarital counseling using the SYMBIS questionnaire, which helps to highlight the major areas that couples often neglect to talk about. Both partners will answer separate questionnaires, which will then send me a detailed report about your expectations about finances, in laws, roles and much more. We will then spend three, 90 minute sessions delving deep to work out the kinks and to give you tools to take forward into marriage.

— Pashmina Rashad, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Poughkeepsie, NY

Prior to getting married is an optimal time to start learning about myself and my future spouse!

— Bethany Schaefer, LPC Intern Supervised by Leah McDill, LPC-S, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Round Rock, TX

For those couples who want to make sure they are compatible enough to build a life together can benefit from premarital counseling. It's a great way to speed up the process of getting to know each other. Everyone puts their best foot forward in the first year of dating. We all want to look good. But, life is short! Who wants to spend years getting to know someone, only to get married and discover you are not really compatible because you didn't find out the things that really matter?

— Triva A. Ponder, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Beverly Hills, CA

We love helping premarital couples build a love that will last! Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy helps premarital couples to develop strong communication and bonds to face life's challenges and seasons together. We can help you tackle important conversations around communication, sex, money, religion/spirituality, parenting, trauma histories, facing medical or financial challenges, building strong relationships with in-laws and other extended family, and developing your family rituals and goals. We will help you build strong conflict resolution and communication skills so no matter what the topic or phase of life, you can feel confident that you know how to communicate in ways that you feel understood, responded to, and deeply cared for.

— Thrive Couple & Family Counseling Services, Counselor in Greenwood Village, CO

I have gathered many materials over the years that have produced a really great pre-marital course for those who are wanting to strengthen their relationship for a successful and happy marriage.

— Leah Webster, Licensed Professional Counselor in Waynesville, NC

Premarital Therapy is a pivotal investment with personal and relationship benefits that will last far beyond your wedding day. I provide engaged and dating couples with essential relationship tools that will be important to your marriage. Our time together is customized to your unique relationship needs and my training as a Prepare-Enrich Facilitator provides you with additional relationship exercises and resources to gain the most from our time together.

— Afton Strate, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Overland Park, KS

According to research, couples with premarital education reported higher levels of marital satisfaction and experienced a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years. Premarital counseling gives you the opportunity to learn the skills & strategies that you two can use to prevent possible problems in the future. We help you celebrate your relationship and identify it’s strengths. Then we help you use all those strengths to make your relationship even stronger and better.

— Dana Philossaint, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Summerville, GA

Premarital counseling can help you, as a couple, prepare your relationship for marriage. In premarital counseling I work with clients to improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage, and develop conflict-resolution skills.

— Ania Scanlan, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Roseville, MN

Doing premarital counseling is sometimes very difficult and scary and can be exciting as well! My training is in marriage and family therapy, and so I help you look at the entirety of your lives systemically. Combining two existences into one is complex. I can help you navigate the roller coaster.

— Molly Johnson, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Phoenix, AZ

One of the biggest decisions you'll make in your life is whether to marry and whom you'll choose. Premarital counseling can be seen as the most important preventative measure a couple can take to ensure they are going into a marriage with eyes wide open and important questions asked and answered. It requires extreme honesty, total commitment, and receptivity. Just like marriage does. What questions are you not thinking to ask? What are you afraid to find out?

— Lara Falberg, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Columbus, OH

I am certified in Prepare/Enrich facilitation for premarital counseling which allows couples to identify strengths in shared values and beliefs and also identifying possible challenge areas for growth.

— Vickie Wagner, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Long Beach, CA

Having seen so many couples come to therapy after years of struggles, such as angry conflict or lack of connection or mis-matched values, beliefs or desires, has made me an advocate of premarital counseling. Many couples get together for the wrong reasons and discover that belatedly. Things such as desire to have children, religious differences, dreams for the future need to be shared. Premarital counseling is scary, but a very useful way to head problems off at the pass.

— Esther Lerman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

I am certified in PREPARE/ENRICH, a per-marital therapy program.

— Stephanie Rivera-Velazquez, Therapist

Trained in SYMBIS - Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

— Roberta Wasserman, Therapist in Severna Park, MD

I offer workshops,classes, and retreats for couples that are engaged and planning to marry. Individual sessions are also offered. We explore family of origin, communication, personality traits, roles, expectations, values, beliefs, finances, sex, planning a family, coping with the in-laws and much more. Both traditional and Christian framework are offered. Services available to churches.

— Cathy Armstrong, Counselor in Corpus Christi, TX

You are in love and that's a beautiful thing. But what do you really know about the one you love? Premarital counseling is where you get to ask the important questions in the safety of the therapist's office. In that space there is support and security to ask the tough questions about each other's past and future dreams. It's the place to create your future together, with clear eyes, free of illusions. Premarital counseling is the construction site for the foundation of your life together.

— Cynthia Odell, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Mt. Lakes, NJ

Premarital counseling is a great idea because, if you're committing to each other for the rest of your lives, issues WILL come up. They do for all of us! Premarital counseling is a way to build a foundation for success and to make the process of couples counseling more approachable, so that when and if you need it, you already have it established. Instead of a scary "do you think we should try couples counseling?" conversation when things are hard, you can just say "let's go talk to PK".

— PK Ponti-Foss, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

I am endorsed in the Prepare Enrich curriculum that helps couples assess various aspects of their relationship. In this assessment, we find areas where couples are thriving and identify areas of growth. We will take 6-10 weeks to explore ways to communicate, plan and invest in your future.

— Macee Whatley, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Longview, WA