Free Sex and Relationship Advice for Therapists and Clients

Jeff Guenther on Mar 17, 2019

Do you want to hear two fantastic sex and relationship experts give unique advice for people facing sex and intimacy issues? Of course you do! We all do. As therapists, sex and relationship issues often dominate sessions with our clients. And while we are all trained to treat these issues, you can never have enough tools and fresh interventions to address them. That’s where TherapyDen’s new podcast comes in.

Introducing, Swoon: Love Lessons with Julie and Gina. With new episodes dropping Monday’s wherever you find your podcasts – Julie and Gina are going become your favorite sexperts in no time! It’ll be like starting off the work week with a free sexy consultation group. While Swoon speaks directly to the average person who wants sex and relationship advice, Julie and Gina understand that a ton of therapists will be tuning in and that’s why they’ll be providing you, the mental health professional, with practical tools and techniques that you’ll be able to apply in session with your clients. You can listen to the first episode by clicking below. In Swoon’s premiere episode, Julie and Gina talk about one of the most common sexual issue couples face: mismatched sexual desire. Listen to learn why couples so often face different levels of desire and find out what they suggest to help couples connect, even when it’s not easy.

Who are Julie and Gina?

Gina Senarighi, MS, MA, CPC, is a sexuality counselor and communication consultant specializing in healthy boundaries, passionate relationships, jealousy, and infidelity. She supports non-traditional couples all over the world as a retreat leader and certified relationship coach.

Julie Jeske, LPC, is a sex and relationship counselor. She has a private practice where she helps clients increase intimacy, ignite passion and deepen their connection to themselves and others. Julie especially loves to help women discover who they are sexually. Through counseling, online classes, or in-person retreats her clients learn how to talk about their sexual and relationship desires, and explore ways to make them a reality.

Future topics you won’t want to miss

Julie and Gina are going to cover tons of topics on Swoon. They’ll tackle the incredibly common issue of how to communicate with your partner about sex and how to speak up to get more of your sexy needs met. They will devote a full episode to lasting desire and how partners can do their best to keep things steamy over many years, even if they haven’t been steamy for a while. Julie and Gina have tons of tips about how to get out of your head and into your body if you’re feeling anxious while getting sexy. They’ll talk about romantic attachment styles, how partners can evenly carry the load in relationships and so much more. Each episode will be filled with interesting information and practical suggestions about how to solve vulnerable, and sometimes complicated, relationship issues. Even though Julie and Gina are tackling some incredibly sensitive topics, they manage to find humor and levity – creating a fun, welcoming, warm, and safe space for these conversations.

You can find Swoon everywhere you listen to podcasts, or click play below hear the first episode now. To learn more about the first episode, click here to read the show notes. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so that you don’t miss an episode. You are going to love it!

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff, and his team, have launched a new progressive therapist directory, TherapyDen.

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