“Say More About That” Show Notes: Episode #32 – How to be empowered in single-hood

Jeff Guenther, MS, LPC on Oct 06, 2019 in Say More About That

Today, I talk Karel Chan, LPC, about how to be empowered in our single-hood. We chat about how to feel better when you're doing things on your own, how building a relationship with yourself is a great way to create secure attachments and how feeling like you're going to die at the end of relationship is a very bad sign. Karel makes the case that being in a relationship doesn't automatically mean that things are better. And how that can be a really problematic belief.

Questions and topics I discuss with Melissa in the episode:

  • How to be empowered in our single hood.
  • How to feel better doing things on your own instead of having to do things with other people.
  • How to take yourself out on dates.
  • How to change the perception of yourself. 
  • How to increase your worthiness.
  • How building a relationship with yourself is a way to build secure attachments.
  • How you shouldn't feel like you're gonna die when a relationship ends.
  • How maybe we should spread our emotional needs out to friends instead of saving them for your primary partner.

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    Jeff Guenther is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR.

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