5 Helpful/Unhelpful Grief Statements

Vanessa Garcia, LCSW on Dec 29, 2022 in Mood and Feelings

Our society shies away from grief when we should be running towards those grieving. People are scared to say the wrong thing, and they’re scared to bring it up. One of the best things you can do is acknowledge the loss and offer to listen. Silence is okay too. The person grieving already has them on their mind.

Here are five helpful and unhelpful grief statements.


It’s okay to feel whatever you feel.

Would you like to tell me about them?

I’m here if you want to talk.

Grief has no timeline.

How can I support you?


I know how you feel.

Get over it.

You need to move on.

It’s been X amount of time.

Everything happens for a reason.

Vanessa Garcia is a Psychotherapist in Houston, TX.

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