FAQs about signing up with TherapyDen

Jeff Guenther on May 23, 2018 in Site Updates

How much does it cost to create a therapist profile?

It's free! During our beta period we are allowing therapists to create and activate an account for free. You will not be charged until we are out of beta. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly when we will be out of beta. A lot of factors will determine when we decide to leave the beta period. A couple of those factors are how many website visitors we are getting and how many referrals therapists are receiving. Once we are happy with those numbers, we'll officially end the beta period. But we promise to give you at least a 30 day notice when we do. And you can cancel anytime. Whether you sign up now during the beta period or after, we promise not to lock you into any long-term contracts. 

If it's free then why do I have to enter my credit card?

I know that entering your credit card seems pointless if you're signing up for a free service. The reason we ask you to do this is so that when TherapyDen is out of beta and we start charging you for your profile we can do that seamlessly, without bugging you. We promise to give you plenty of notice before charging your card. This is the industry best practice model for online businesses who are in beta. In order for us to give you a free profile for a while, we need to know that you'll be ready to invest in us when the time comes. Asking therapists to enter their billing info also helps us verify your identity. 

Can I cancel anytime?

You sure can. You can cancel before or after the beta period is over. This will never change. 

You have two types of subscriptions, Supporter and Lite. Whats the difference?

If you sign up as a "Supporter", the eventual cost will be $30 a month, once we are out of the beta period. Supporters receive access to all the special deals with our partners. As a Supporter you'll get to choose between five organizations that 10% of your monthly fee will be donated to. You'll also have a chance to be featured on the homepage. We plan to include other perks for Supporters that we are not quite ready to announce just yet. 

A "Lite" subscription costs just $20 a month, after the beta period ends, and gets you a profile on the site and access to all our special partner deals. However, you won't be able to select an organization to donate 10% of your monthly fee to and you won't get access to certain special features down the road. 

You can change your subscription type at any time.

Is TherapyDen only for the Bay Area?

Nope. We decided to make TherapyDen available to everyone in the country, based on what we heard from therapists while we were building it. We will be focusing most of our energy and marketing dollars in the Bay Area initially, because that is the area we have committed to first. But if we get a bunch of therapists that sign up in say...Denver, then we'll also put energy into that town as well. We are going to follow our users and see where we go. Eventually TherapyDen will be evenly marketed throughout the USA. 

So TherapyDen is just for the U.S.?

Yes, that's correct. For now at least. We plan to expand outside of the U.S. one day, but we can really only handle one country at a time. 

What about free access to the SEO course for therapists? 

As promised, by signing up with TherapyDen you'll get free access to the search engine optimization course built by me, Jeff, specifically for therapists. However, I can only enroll the first 250 therapists who sign up. Sign ups are limited because I need to be available for therapists that enroll in the course and I can't let too many people sign up or I wouldn't be able to answer questions they might have. Once you create an account, fill out your profile and activate your listing, I'll send you a special coupon code that you can enter in order to get free access. It's regularly $300, so it's totally worth it in my opinion. Just listen to what a couple therapists recently said about the course:

"Ever since slowly making all the adjustments recommended in this course, I have noticed a massive difference. I no longer have listings on any other websites and rely completely on SEO & my social media platforms (not even running Adwords anymore!). In other words, I am spending $0 on marketing right now. My practice is finally full and overflowing! I am so grateful!" Mackenzie M.

"I am basically a Luddite.  he last thing in the world I wanted to do was have to learn about SEO and to figure out how to improve my website's visibility.  But Jeff's tutorials are very easy to understand and my ranking went way up without that much effort.  I highly recommend his course." - Margaret M.

How is TherapyDen any different than Psychology Today?

Lucky for you I recently wrote an article about that. But to quickly summarize, much better search filters, intuitive design and user experience, therapists can choose from 5 different organizations to donate 10% of their monthly fee and our mission is to challenge racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination. Oh! And TherapyDen will pay our local and federal taxes. You can't say that about Psychology Today because they're based in the Cayman Islands so they don't have to pay their taxes. I feel good about promising never to relocate to the Cayman Islands. 

Aren't there other bonuses if you sign up with TherapyDen?

Good question! Yes there is. If you check out our benefit page and scroll down a bit you can see all the partners that we have teamed up with so far. In the coming weeks, TherapyDen will be offering special deals and bonuses for services that those companies provide. We are super excited to announce them. But the only way to access the bonuses is to make sure that you have an active profile on the site. And some of the bonuses will be time limited. So it's smart to make sure that your profile is activated and updated.

Ok TherapyDen sounds pretty good, but I just want to get clients right now. So why should I sign up for yet another therapist directory that isn't even competing with sites like Psychology Today?

Yeah, so here's the thing. You're right. Since TherapyDen is a new site there is just no way we can compete with other directories that have been around for a long time and have a bunch of content on a ton of web pages. However, since I am pretty savvy at ranking high in online searches, I know exactly what it will take to compete with the big guys. And the best way to quickly move up the search ranks is get as many therapists to sign up for a profile as possible. There will be a tipping point, eventually, where enough therapists will sign up and then Google will start taking us really seriously. Once that happens we'll be getting tons of visitors looking for therapy. 

Also, since TherapyDen is new and not as many therapists have signed up yet, you'll have a better chance of showing up in front of clients because you won't be lost in a sea of other therapist profiles. 

And like I said before, you're going to get some really awesome bonuses and deals that you just can't get anywhere else. Did I mention my free SEO course?

But to be perfectly honest, we need you to be an early adopter so that one day we can challenge sites like Psychology Today. So that you and I can change the culture of mental health and do our best to heal not just individuals, but the greater community. I invite you to go on this ride with us knowing that you won't get very many referrals at the start. It's a lot like going to therapy. A client needs to invest time with you at the start of counseling. Healing, "aha" moments, new narratives, or feelings of liberation don't happen in the first session. Heck, sometimes it doesn't happen in the first year of counseling. But eventually, after a client has invested time, money and energy into the process, they can experience huge life changing benefits. And it's the same with TherapyDen. Once enough therapists sign up for a profile, you, and everyone else on the site, will be able to reap all the rewards. It's going to be amazing. I promise. But first you have to trust us and believe in our vision. 

So you're a white dude that made a therapist directory that challenges racial and systemic oppression? What's up with that?

Yup. I am a white, male identified person who is the face of TherapyDen. I know that I have certain privileges that other people don't get to experience because of how lucky I am to be born into these circumstances. But I don't want to be the white dude who just sits back and reaps all the privileges and lives in ignorance while doing it. Screw that. I want to be the white guy who fights for justice and exposes unfairness in the system. I want to work with diverse people and shine a light on different voices that move our society and mental health community forward. 

I regularly and often consult with people that are not white, heterosexual and male identified. I have created an advisory board that you can find on our about page that have heavily influenced the content of the site and all of the search filters. I am continuing to reach out to people who would like to be included on the advisory board. 

But because I am white and live in a society that allows me to forget about my privilege and not be aware of it at all times that means every now and then I will do or say something that is ignorant or not fully attentive to every aspect of racial and social injustice. And if that happens I am 100% open to feedback. You don't have to worry about my white fragility. If you feel inspired to let me know honestly and directly how I am coming across or that TherapyDen isn't living up to it's mission, then I will be more than willing to address the issue. 

Essentially, I don't just want to be a fan of equal rights. I want to do something about it. And TherapyDen is what I'm doing. 

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005. Jeff is the creator and owner of Portland Therapy Center, a highly ranked therapist directory. Jeff, and his team, have launched a new progressive therapist directory, TherapyDen.