Tara Vossenkemper (she/her/hers)


Here's all you need to know about me. I love nature, I love The Office (U.S. version), and I'm an approachable and curious dork.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Columbia, MO

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About My Clients

Feeling unhappy or in a rut in your relationship? Wondering how to recover after an affair? Fighting constantly, but never solving anything? You're in the right place. You probably want to "fix" things, gain a sense of peace and clarity, or have a space where you can figure it out together. Relationships can make us both elated and devastated. I help partners identify the core problems and rebuild from from there in such a way that each person feels understood, heard, and validated.

My Background and Approach

I live and breathe relationships (for real). I've completed Level 3 Gottman Method Couples Therapy (the 'mothership' of relationship work and with research on lesbian and gay populations), am certified in Prepare/Enrich (premarital), and a PREP facilitator (another relationship approach). I love it all. I'm allllllmost finished with my Ph.D. and my dissertation is even focused on relationship satisfaction. More specifically, relationship satisfaction for women with anxiety (a super niched down version, but way interesting). I spend way too much time philosophizing about relationships, reading books, and reviewing my own work, but the reality is that I love every minute of it. The long and short of what I'm trying to say is that relationships are my jam. Open and poly, monogamous, queer, kink, whatever - any and all of it is interesting and I can't get enough of helping people to navigate their own in a sustainable way.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

There are two important beliefs I have about counseling. More, really, but two for the sake of this section. First, everything we do serves a function. Whether it's adaptive or destructive, it's 'doing' something. And I don't care to judge that thing, but I do want to understand it. All of which means questioning 'what is' in a curious and interested way and not moving forward until we both have full understanding of what that 'thing' is and why it's there. Let's love on it before we let it go. Second, my philosophical beliefs about counseling are that I'm really just here to be a light throughout those darkened paths on your journey. I don't want to lead or guide you. I'd much rather help illuminate the path and help you see that you're the one who is steering, that you're the one with the power to change and heal, that you're the one who is living this life. My favorite moment in counseling is when people feel confident enough to stop coming in for sessions.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $125 - 125/session


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