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Hi! If you're feeling anxious, off, frustrated, and want something action or goal oriented send me an email and let's see if we fit!


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About My Clients

You often feel anxious, down, or off and have a hard time focusing on anything but these feelings. They're keeping you up at night and making it hard to feel motivated in the morning. Throughout quarantine you've started to question your relationships, and have concerns you're unlovable or doing something wrong. Your feelings and concerns are valid. Let's work together to take action and control back into your own hands. There is nothing wrong with you, you're ready to grow.

My Background and Approach

I want to get to know you so that we can work together to identify what is specifically causing you anxiety, why that is, and what will individually work for you. Starting with what is happening in the moment aka what does your anxiety even look like. I like to collaboratively develop an anxiety scale and then monitor how that scale changes on difficult days. Then let's talk about how we can bring you back to the moment and slow down the pace with tangible tools and techniques that are feasible with your lifestyle. I began practicing social work because I was the therapist of my friend group, and honestly pretty fed up with the system. Through my years of education and beginning private practice I learned the benefits of therapy and how truly individualized the process is. I believe everyone deserves the same education I have on how physically anxiety and stress affects our bodies and on tools that can help to manage that anxiety or stress.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I personally believe anyone should be able to go therapy, no matter if you have a diagnosis or not. I personally grew up as a white-passing woman in a mixed-race household, in a city where almost everyone denied that we had a prejudice/racist culture. But at the same time- I was constantly told that because of the color of my skin I was not Latinx. I did not value or advocate for myself and let them tell me this for years, and because of that developed a lot of anxiety and doubt in my identity and self-worth. It was not until I went to school for social work that I learned skills and tools to help manage these feelings, that I now want to share those with others who chose different walks of life. Just because someone did not choose to go to school for social work, does not mean they do not deserve the same tools and knowledge that helped me in many ways.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Rate: $100 - 150/session

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