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About My Clients

It can take 17 years from the onset of OCD symptoms for a person to get an appropriate diagnosis and effective treatment. One reason for this delay is the difficulty in finding a therapist who can effectively diagnose and treat OCD. If you're experiencing scary, intrusive, and unwanted thoughts, you are not alone! ERP and rumination focused treatment are changing the lives of my clients and you deserve to feel better, too!

My Background and Approach

I've been helping people feel better from severe anxiety for over 10 years and now focus solely on treating OCD and rumination as a compulsion for those suffering from so-called "Pure O." I help adolescents and adults experience relief by using an evidence-based treatment that has been shown through extensive research to be the most effective for OCD. I aim to cultivate a collaborative and empowering space so that together we build your individualized treatment plan that is specific to you and your goals. Treatment is often fun and exciting and parents and family members are welcome!

More About the People I Treat

I serve all of Washington via teletherapy and my office is located in Port Angeles for in-person treatment. I am not currently accepting insurance and my 60 minute rate is $120. I look forward to joining you in your healing from OCD! —————————————————————————— The International OCD Foundation offers tips to help you choose a therapist for treatment of OCD

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