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The Connectfulness® method addresses the root cause of disconnection, allowing you to work towards wholeness in all areas of your life.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Paltz, NY

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About My Clients

Whether you’re struggling to find love, ready to get divorced over the dishes, or feeling small and stuck, the underlying issue is the same: disconnection. Every relationship you have, starting with yourself and ranging all the way up to your relationship with the world, is built on connection. Heal your relationships, and those happy, healthy relationships ripple out and change the world. But the flip side is also true: disconnection will knock you sideways every damn time.

My Background and Approach

Connectfulness® is a research-based method for restoring the connection to the self, others, and the world. Many people try to solve their problems before they actually know what those problems are. In our work together, we’ll start by getting a clear picture of what’s really going on, where the issue comes from, and where it’s showing up in your life. (Because I guarantee you it’s seeping out of your relationships and into other places you would never think of!) And then we go deep and look at your roots, you’ll develop the insight you need to keep your own ecosystem thriving, instead of constantly looking to outside sources for guidance and fulfillment. We’ll reconnecting the root systems that will support you going forward. From this practice of conscious connection — no matter what’s happening, who’s involved, or how you’re feeling — you’re able to come back to your center and restore your relationship with yourself and discern how you want to show up in relationships.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I’m all about the no-bullshit approach: because let’s be honest, if good intentions, happy thoughts, and paint-by-numbers relationship strategies worked, we’d all have perfect relationships. We’re humans, working on relationships with other humans, in real life. And sometimes that’s messy. But it’s so worth it. Because you know what? The work you do on your relationship is just one part of a bigger picture. Everything we are and everything we do comes back to our relationship with ourselves, which informs our relationships with the people around us and gives us the foundation to do the work we’re meant to do. And it just so happens that when you address these things, you also end up feeling miles more confident in yourself, developing the insights and skills you need to address the problems in your relationships, and break through any blocks that are holding you back. Learn more about my work by listening to my podcast at

At A Glance

  • Experience: 18 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $175 - 325/session


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