Neil Beresin (He/him)


I am a counselor and interfaith chaplain specializing in grief, loss, and bereavement.

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About My Clients

My clients are often suffering under the weight of extraordinary circumstances and agonizing heartache related to the death of someone in their life. Others have been carrying grief, loss and trauma for many years, and they experience an acute form of anxiety, terror or heartache that pushes them to seek help to examine how they might live with these new emotions and whether there are more effective strategies to cope and relieve some of the suffering.

My Background and Approach

I approach support and healing through multiple lenses including the philosophy of theologian Abraham Joshua Heschel, Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön, and the practice of mindfulness through poetry. I provide deep listening and reverent attentiveness, and will help you reflect on and shape your loss in a safe, sacred and peaceful space. I will meet you where you are and focus on helping you increase your ability to cope with what are often extraordinary circumstances and agonizing heartache. This will include helping you use mindfulness to connect your response (mind, body, spirit, emotion) to experiences, and bringing them to a fuller understanding and integration. It will include assisting you to connect or reconnect to things, ideas, practices, and principles that matter most. I may use poetry to provide additional comfort, deepen the space between us, and encourage reflection and opening. Know that if you can make a place for your grief, your grief will change.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Grief doesn’t just magically disappear, although we may wish for this. Like a tsunami it can be overpowering and terrifying, and has its own timetable. My goal is to help ease your suffering and find a way to more easily accept that grief is here to stay for a while. To work with it, to move with it, to learn what you can from grief and cultivate this new life of yours, this seems vital. Poetry may be used to provide additional comfort, deepen the space between us, and enlarge the conversation to universal themes of mystery and connection. Ultimately, I want to help you reflect on and shape your loss in a safe, sacred, meditative space. 

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $75 - 125/session


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