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Offering unique, highly intuitive Reality Attunement Therapy integrating Buddhist psychology, cognitive and existential approaches.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Oakland, CA

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Reality Attunement Therapy draws from several classical theories including Cognitive Behavioral, Rational Emotive, Client-Centered, Existential and Gestalt approaches. These theories are informed by Buddhist Psychology and mindfulness training. The foundation for successful work together requires the creation of a safe, supported therapeutic environment conducive to the flourishing of a natural sense of curiosity.

My Background and Approach

Being a human being is challenging. We are all seeking some sort of reliable refuge. Unfortunately, most of us have internalized the notion that refuge is to be found in external phenomena – other people, places and things. While these external phenomena can be pleasing, reality dictates that these phenomena are inherently impermanent and unsatisfactory. In addition, most of us have internalized our likes and dislikes in a way that have given rise to a crystallized belief in the existence of one’s self, the defense and protection of which has come to dictate much of our decision-making through adulthood. Mike Lubofsky offers unique Reality Attunement Therapy to help clients move into greater alignment with the natural order of things. Through an integration of cognitive-behavioral, Gestalt and existential approaches, Reality Attunement Therapy helps clients move toward an internalized, felt sense of the true, ephemeral nature of things.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

If you have spent time either studying psychology and/or researching therapists, it has probably become apparent that there are many therapeutic approaches adopted by therapists for decades. These theories include cognitive-behavioral, existential, Gestalt, dialectical behavior therapy, etc. At the core of each theory is a goal of heightening one’s alignment with the momentary, experiential unfolding of life or the “true” nature of things. When I refer to “truth” I refer not to an objective, scientifically verifiable truth, but rather to a reality found in a felt, experiential sense beyond thought-driven notions about this experience. Reality Attunement Therapy may draw on other more “classic” theories of therapeutic change. For example, a cognitive approach is often instrumental in helping clients effectively challenge entrenched beliefs about the ways in which external circumstances must manifest in order to become “happy.”

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