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Laura Greenlee


Hello! I am a Texas licensed psychologist specializing in teletherapy. My areas of interest are anxiety, depression, and life transition.

Psychologist in Asheville, NC


About My Clients

Dr. Brene Brown advised us, "If we share our story with someone with empathy and understanding, shame can't exist." If you are in an abyss, and are plagued with anxiety, depression, or ambiguity, I would love to support you on your journey out and back into a soulful life. Perhaps you feel hopelessly stuck, or maybe you have blind spots. The ultimate plan for remediation is yours to create, but with my experience and compassion, I can support you. I applaud your courage in this vital process.

My Background and Approach

I primarily use CBT, ACT, and mindfulness approaches, in and I believe in homework, and behavioral exercises between sessions. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and MS degrees in education and psychology. I am a seasoned teacher and mental health provider who promotes a strength based approach, to treatment. I encourage you to use your natural supports such as the your family and social supports, the arts, pets, faith, social justice advocacy, exercise, and bibliotherapy to help bolster you as you find your way to a more blissful existence.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a fierce advocate for compassion and humanism. I believe truth is not black and white; it often lies in gray areas. I have core beliefs that support hard work, honesty, and kindness toward others. Over the years, I learned that we are imperfect beings who strive to do the best we can with what we have. The harder we fight against indelible forces, the more frustrated we get, so a very important virtue we must strive to attain is acceptance of what is, and of who we are. We must persevere in self-analysis, and practice new prosocial skills in order to get to a place of pride in our intentions to become the best individuals we can be. Mistakes are necessary for self-improvement. Individuals should not be defined by their diagnoses. With proper support and evidence-based interventions, we can overcome anxiety, depression, and relationship strife...even trauma. By letting go of what does not work for us, we eventually discover that we can find the true purpose of our lives.

Techniques I Use

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