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Peace and Blessings! I am a holistic therapist ready to connect the dots with you on this healing journey. Let's walk through this together!

Therapist in New York, NY
Supervised by Amira Martin, LCSW

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About My Clients

Are you ready to explore your whole self, even when it's scary? Whether it's daily stress, race-based stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, PTSD or simply life being life, our time together is focused on peeling back those many layers. Beyond the verbal, we will take some much-needed time turning inward to see how your body speaks for you in those times of stress. Holistic connection is the ultimate goal while centering BIPOC voices. Get to know YOU again!

My Background and Approach

My background is in integrative, holistic mental wellness. This means that it's not so much what you say or think but what is your body telling you? How do we integrate movement, nutrition, spiritual beliefs (whatever that means to you) into this healing practice? My goal for you is to create a welcoming, warm, exploratory space filled with laughs, tears and breakthroughs so that you can question everything and rewrite your narrative. We can't let the past take hold of you anymore!

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Why did I get into this path of healing? Because it's exactly what I needed over the years! If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it is that when we pause, reflect and take care of our whole selves, clarity becomes evident. In this bustling society, where a disconnect from self and our roots is pushed to the forefront or this work is seen as "alternative" when it's as traditional as it can get, I feel the most grounded in the thought of bringing these services to our community. "I am because we are" is more than a great print on a shirt--it is a way of life. It is that connection that helps us heal.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $100/session

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