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Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, CA

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About My Clients

My clients are seekers, dreamers and curious at heart. My clients want to get to know themselves and their coping mechanisms on a deeper level in an effort to enact real change in how they approach their internal world and communities. My clients are individuals, children, teens and families who seek a safe holding environment to explore their struggles and concerns. My clients are pursuing a holistic, culturally sensitive, empathic and creative human to join them in their healing journey.

My Background and Approach

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW114965, working at Michelle Harwell Therapy in Highland Park, Eagle Rock and virtually. I believe in the fundamentality of imagination, creativity and play for the development of children and adults alike. Play not only supports learning and social emotional development, but creates a realm where healing, strength, introspection and confidence can take form. I invite clients of all ages to be curious about their relationships, struggles, and dreams within a framework of creativity and emotional safety. I ensure our space is safe and inclusive for all humans, paying particular attention to your intersectionality. I recognize collaboration between client and therapist as a foundational ingredient to psychotherapy, a process that is marked by deep exploration, which can potentially foster change and build resilience. With this dedication to safety and trust, healing can begin.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that each and every human deserves a space of their own, whether they are a child, teen, adult or family, we all need care and a safe holding. We all have run into experiences that have forced us to take on coping mechanisms in an effort to make sense of the world, however many of those may not be serving you anymore. I know that through exploration, creativity and trust we can make meaning of these coping mechanisms and shift them to new and more authentic ways of thriving. I make a point of doing this same work myself so that I can share with you through experience how it might feel to walk this path with me. I hold each and every client's intersectionality close to our work, devoting myself to the understanding of all of the pieces of you. My relationship with each client is special and sacred to me. I support the LGBTQIA + community and the Black Lives Matter movement. I got a pandemic dog like many others and of course am completely captivated.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $170 - 170/session


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