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I’m a licensed counselor specializing in the treatment of OCD.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Haddonfield, NJ

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About My Clients

Finding the right therapist to treat your OCD is daunting and confusing. I’m a licensed counselor specializing in the treatment of OCD. I believe, though it may not feel like it now, that you deserve to have joy in your life. To overcome OCD you need the right approach and the right provider. I’m experienced with all OCD subtypes: perfectionism, doubt, sexual, pedophilia, pure-O, relationship, harm, contamination, existential, sensorimotor, "Just Right", and others.

My Background and Approach

I specialize in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), the gold standard treatment for OCD. I’m certified to provide ERP by the University of Penn, where I spent over two years getting trained by the top OCD experts in the field. ERP is the gold-standard treatment for OCD. It aims to change the beliefs and behaviors maintaining your symptoms. However, it’s often administered in a cookie-cutter manner that doesn’t get to the root of the OCD and leads to wasted time and money. I carefully adapt ERP to each person’s specific needs, and I target the mental compulsions and metacognitive beliefs that are often overlooked in OCD treatment. This results in highly tailored treatment to help you make deep-seated and long-lasting change.

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  • Experience: 9 years of practice

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