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I help children (ages 3 to 11) and their families who face setbacks and encounter distress as they struggle to grow, cope, and flourish.

Associate Professional Counselor in Charlotte, NC

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About My Clients

There are many childhood and parenting issues that face the clients I serve, including aggression, opposition, defiance, impulsivity, attention issues, anxiety, attachment disruptions, depression, grief, difficult peer/sibling relationships, parental divorce, and poor academic performance. Parents can learn skills to accomplish effective limit setting and to provide for the emotional development of their young child.

My Background and Approach

I am a Board-Certified Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate (LPCA) in North Carolina. My Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from UNC-Charlotte includes a concentration in Play Therapy. I am continuing the next level of my training through the process of certification as a Child-Centered Play Therapist. I use a non-directive, strengths-based approach with children. This allows for therapeutic flexibility that fits the needs of a growing child. My method fosters the child’s potential to grow in self-enhancing and pro-social ways. I offer support for the development of the child’s self-understanding and emotion regulation. Through play therapy, kids become more resilient and more self-controlled. They also benefit by enhanced confidence in who they are and in who they are becoming. I have experience with young children and their struggles both as a professional and also as a parent.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Values I hope to convey include-- Trust: Not only do I value the trust you place in me to care for your family, I also wish to convey my trust in you and your child. I consider you and your child to be the experts of your life experiences. Your perspective is essential to a growth-promoting outcome. Freedom: Another essential ingredient for social and emotional development, freedom of expression allows the child to come to a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs. Worthiness: All human beings deserve dignity. My hope is that throughout all of your interactions with Providence View Counseling, you will experience respect, honor, and come away even more assured of your own worthiness.Other values of our practice include: Creativity, Flourishing, Strength, Vulnerability, and Attunement.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 2 years of practice
  • Rate: $110 - 130/session


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