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•Couples & Individual Counseling •Zoom sessions anywhere in OH, KY, or FL •Passionate about: Anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ Ally, Women's Rights

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Burlington, KY

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About My Clients

I help couples recognize and change the troublesome ways they interact with each other. If you've just recently been wondering if you could use couples counseling, that's the ideal time to start. The longer you wait to start therapy, the more likely you both are to build up resentment, emotional distance, and negative patterns of interacting. The type of couples counseling I provide is great at helping partners work through these conditions, though, so there is plenty of reason for hope.

My Background and Approach

I conduct couple therapy sessions using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which focuses on helping partners recognize and change their negative patterns of interacting with each other. EFT is also evidence-based, meaning its effectiveness is strongly supported by scientific research. In EFT sessions, I focus on helping you and your partner identify and understand your unhelpful patterns of emotionally reacting to each other. I then help you and your partner learn how to reconnect through this improved understanding of each other’s emotions. I have extensive professional training in EFT, and I’m confident that this method can help couples improve their relationships in a way that creates lasting results. The individual counseling I provide is strongly rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is an evidence-based approach to counseling. Individual therapy may also include relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help a person cope with stress more effectively.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

If you're paying attention to the way people in minority populations are being treated in America, you're probably feeling quite unsettled, to put it lightly. So am I. I embrace diversity and I love to work with people to help them lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. I strive to make the counseling experience comfortable for everyone I talk with, and I want this to feel like a safe space for you to be yourself. I feel that remaining quiet about our differences has a tendency to increase unspoken misconceptions and unrecognized biases. I hope to convey an attitude that is welcoming and respectful toward people who have differences of all types. This has always been an important point, but seems even more so over the past few years. While I am confident that you will feel welcome and accepted in therapy sessions with me, I encourage you to bring up any concerns or observations you may have. I welcome constructive feedback, as I believe we can both learn from each other.

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  • Agnosticism
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  • Experience: 13 years of practice
  • Rate: $135 - 135/session

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