Ellery Wren (she/her)

LPC Associate
Accepting Clients

I specialize in helping individuals who have had (or are having) an affair.

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Plano, TX
Supervised by Belinda Gale Hartschuh, LMFT, LPC-S

About My Clients

Feeling the weight of your affair? Unsure how to move forward (reconnect vs divorce)? Infidelity and betrayals can catalyze profound personal growth and deeper self-awareness. Your affair may be about feeling alive again, revisiting the path not taken, mid-life challenges, unmet needs, or something else. Together, we will explore the nuances of what led you down this path so you can better understand yourself, heal, move past guilt and shame, and find a path forward that brings you peace.

My Approach to Helping

Infidelity is It’s complicated. Your affair may be less about your primary partner and more about who you are in the arms of someone else or feeling desired and validated again. You might be at a crossroads, trying to figure out what to do next. This is a place to explore your options and find a path forward that brings you peace. As a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPC Associate), supervised by Belinda Gale Hartschuh, LMFT, LPC-S, I'm committed to helping you through this process of self-discovery and growth. It may be painful, but you don't don't have to do this alone.

Why I Became a Therapist

I’ve had a variety of therapists throughout my life. Some have been awful (they didn’t last long), and some were “meh.” They helped with whatever I was struggling with at the time, but I didn’t really take therapy seriously. For me, therapy was more like a weekly opportunity to vent about my frustrations and the ways that my life wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t motivated to make changes, so not much really changed. And then my life blew up. I was an emotional mess and needed help. My sister found me a therapist – one I would never have picked for myself (because she could see what I couldn’t see). He was the therapist I really needed, and he changed the way I viewed and participated in therapy. I started journaling and really examined myself and my life. It was really hard but unbelievably rewarding. This experience inspired me to become a therapist. It’s not all about the therapist, though – it’s also about you as the client. How invested are you in therapy?

I offer online counseling in the following states:
I have experience with the following
  • Atheism
  • Judaism

At A Glance

  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $125 - 125/session


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