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I am devoted to awakening in myself & others our True Nature, shedding the conditioned patterns of ego, for our limitlessness to shine.

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About My Clients

We all have trauma, experiences that exceeded our ability to cope, that our bodies hold, but at severe cost to our health and wellbeing. My clients are devoted to developing a relationship with their own soul, who has all the answers. I teach my clients how to form this self-love relationship, which takes us into our bodies to release stuck trauma energy, leaving our hearts more expansive and deeply relaxed, connecting with others on a soul-to-soul level, and attracting our heart’s desires.

My Background and Approach

I use ancient Eastern practices (breathwork, yoga philosophy, tantra, reiki) combined with Western psychology (Somatic Experiencing, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) to guide clients to the joy in being fully present in this moment, fully alive. I teach you how to develop a relationship with your own soul that holds all of the wisdom and all of the tools you seek. This relationship will begin your life-long journey of healing. One by one, conditioned patterns that bring you undesirable outcomes will come up for release. Over time, your soul will guide you let go of the preverbal traumas that formed those patterns in the first place. I am not going to give you band-aids for a kinder ego. But I will guide you through energetic releases for true healing and nervous system recalibration.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that God is the Infinitely Intelligent Loving Collective Energy that surrounds our electromagnetic field and that within each one of us is a unique copy of that Limitless Love Energy just waiting to be awakened and cultivated. We are going through an unprecedented time in human history, a shift in collective consciousness, towards greater connectivity and love. We are all feeling the growing pains within us personally and collectively, from what does not align with these higher frequencies. We are all here to inspire this leveling up in one another. Healed people heal people. Think about it, the word, ‘in-spire’ is rooted in conscious breath. Breath is how we receive this Holy Spirit. Among other things, I teach ancient breathing techniques to guide us to more conscious awareness. My greatest delight is seeing a soul illuminate a body. There we meet on a soul level, both in remembrance that we are limitless.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 16 years of practice
  • Rate: $100 - 125/session


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