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Specializing in Highly Sensitive People, Body Image Issues & Midlife (crisis) Transitions.

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in , OR
Supervised by Dr. Lisa Aasheim

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About My Clients

I know you have grown up in a shame based society that told you that you were too fat, feminine, masculine, short, tall, skinny, ugly, pretty-whatever it was that you were or were not. I know you usually feel either not enough or too much. I know that it feels like putting yourself first is selfish, and the over thinking, replaying conversations and worrying about making anyone upset is exhausting. I know there is more in life for you then to-do lists and responsibilities. Isn't it time for you?

My Background and Approach

I practice Depth Therapy- based on the psychology of Carl Jung which believes you have a conscious and an unconscious life. The unconscious can be running the show without your knowledge. In this type of therapy I guide you through a process to help you access self awareness and inner wisdom as we gently uncover the parts of you that need conscious healing. We work from the inside out & we always uncover without shame or blame. This is how we start becoming more of who we are & less of who we are not.We are living in very challenging times, and we need new ways to cope, thrive and help the world. By learning how to access and trust our intuition, grow compassion for self and others, and learn to engage our empathic souls, we can begin to heal ourselves and others-just by becoming more of ourselves. When we believe in our own worth we move through the world wanting to boost up and empower others. Can you imagine a world where everyone felt their own intrinsic value, worth and power?

My Values as a Therapist

Some people come to therapy expecting to go to a couple of sessions until the counselor tells them what to do about their problem. I don’t do that. You are the only one who can solve your problems. But I do have the training, experience and intuition to guide you to the places within yourself that have the answers you seek. Therapy shouldn’t mysterious, you should know how you made a shift in a pattern and why you are feeling better and how to recreate it. My ultimate goal for you is to become your own therapist, so I will often explain why certain questions are helpful and inquire about how you made the change and how you know something is different. Also humor is an essential part of my life, it brings entertainment, perspective, new ideas, relief from boredom and overwhelm. Laughter is often a part of therapy, and being able to laugh at ourselves a bit can help us put things into perspective when all seems dark.

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  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $150 - 150/session

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