Caroline Gebhardt


Coming home to your body and self involves deep nourishing, a practice of inner mothering and divine feeding, using somatic psychotherapy.

Associate Professional Counselor in Decatur, GA
Supervised by Janet Fluker, LPC


About My Clients

Do you want a more peaceful relationship with food and your body? Are you a mother or caregiver navigating your way through pregnancy, perinatal loss or parenthood? Perhaps you are interested in body-based tools to help manage anxiety, trauma or your highly sensitive nature while feeding yourself and others in a more fulfilling, embodied way. My holistic approach to mothering yourself using somatic and cognitive techniques could be the sweet spot to land, finding a renewed sense of self.

My Background and Approach

As a trained psychotherapist, I’ve treated a variety of disordered eating, addictions, anxiety, depression and maternal mental health issues. In addition to being a therapist, I’ve worked with eating disorders, addictions and mothers for 13 years as a movement educator and yoga teacher for therapeutic groups and private clients. I draw upon a blend of cognitive and somatic therapies from an attachment-based and trauma-informed framework. By combining top-down and bottom-up approaches through a nervous-system informed lens, the therapist and client are more informed of the parallels, strengths or imbalances of psychological and physiological roots, development, and patterning. This integrative mind-body approach informs us what areas need attention, compassion, sensitivity and nourishment. What does this look like? Letting you lead the way, I gently help to integrate your body, heart and mind through a blend of developmental movement, talk therapy and expressive arts techniques.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Working as a body-based helper within collaborative treatment teams, the integrative work of somatic psychotherapy has allowed me to continuously witness the healing power of mindfully connecting with the internal stories and patterns of the body as clients externally apply this newfound awareness into their treatment, counseling, relationships and everyday living. Upon becoming a mother, my fascination with the roots of psychological and physiological development led me to discover and appreciate the deep need for one to embody and many times re-pattern one's inner parent. Weaving the archetypes of inner mothering into my therapeutic work continues to solidify my belief and hope that by internally feeding the body and self on an individual level will help to serve and nourish our culture on a collective level. For 15+ years, I have served on Atlanta’s Eating Disorders Information Network (EDIN), currently active on the Medical Advisory Council.

At A Glance

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