Infidelity or Affairs

Infidelity, or cheating, in a relationship or marriage can be devastating and may mark the end the relationship. However, sometimes couples (either with the help of a professional or on their own) can repair the relationship and develop an even stronger, healthier bond. Infidelity can cause a myriad of feelings in both partners, including confusion, grief, guilt, anger, and betrayal. A therapist specializing in infidelity is trained to help you and your partner(s) develop tools to better communicate (and fight constructively) and move past the affair. In addition to helping those who have experienced cheating in a relationship recover, counseling for infidelity can also be helpful if you and your partner are considering a breakup or a divorce – having a professional guide you can aide the both of you in making an informed decision. Think it might be time to give counseling a try? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s affairs/infidelity experts today.

Meet the specialists

Relationships often go through challenges, inflection points, infidelity can be one of the hardest things a couple ever has to navigate. I work with couples in my practice and infidelity is an experience that can feel shattering, you don't have to navigate it alone. Affairs have the opportunity to shine the light on what wasn't working in your relationship. Although they can be incredibly painful, they also offer the opportunity to deepen in relationship. Healing is possible- I can help!

— Jenna Noah, Counselor in Denver, CO

Sex therapy is used to deeply support those who are navigating the impact of extra-marital relationships. Perhaps you have recently discovered your partner’s infidelity, or are wanting to better understand your own forbidden liaison. I am comfortable and experienced exploring matters of the heart and its often seemingly oppositional needs.

— Sara Okman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

Think you and your partner have recovered from the affair simply because neither of you is discussing it? That's a common misconception. The truth is, the broken trust and hurt feelings may be running through one or both of your minds pretty often. If you don't discuss your thoughts and feelings about this issue, it will likely never be resolved and trust won't be restored. Counseling can help by prompting you both to rebuild trust.

— Dave Payne, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Burlington, KY

I am a trained couple's therapist and have expertise in helping guide couples through the overwhelming process of managing post-affair communication, decision making, boundary setting, and ideally healing. While there is no 'right way' to navigate this chapter, I have helped many couple's determine the best path for them.

— Maureen Bethea, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fairfax, VA

When men are unable to resolve the growing pain and confusion they experience within themselves, they often stray from their integrity and values. Infidelity is just one manifestation of this disconnection from their authentic selves.

— Ray Kadkhodaian, Licensed Professional Counselor in Arlington Heights, IL

Infidelity does not mean the end of a relationship. Sometimes it does for a number of reasons. Sometimes the couple come together and realize they are better together than apart. We are all unique and no one story or consequence is the same. If you are a single or married woman trying your best to cope with your partner's cheating, but feel like you're emotionally coming apart at the seams, therapy through Confidence Creator Counseling may be exactly what you need.

— Sally Raiford, MA, LMFT, CH, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Tampa, FL

A third of divorces are being caused by online affairs. The ability to have an affair without even having to leave the comfort of your home coupled with the ability to easily locate an ex can be too tempting. Couples are not equipped with the information and tools needed to effectively communicate about the role the Internet will play in their relationship. The #InternetProofRelationship program provides guidance and support to help prevent or recover from online infidelity.

— Dr. Tenille Richardson-Quamina, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I provide a clear eyed, nonjudgmental, expansive approach to infidelity, beyond the bad/good dichotomy.

— Kerry Cohen, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

The aftermath of an affair is full of feelings of mistrust, betrayal, anger, sadness, confusion, & doubt. Both parties deserve to be heard & understood not blamed & shamed. The reality is that recovering from the aftermath of an affair is not quick or easy for either party because the act of betrayal is traumatic for everyone involved. I strive to help both parties navigate this process of recovery with honesty, transparency, & gentle redirection, correction, guidance, & education.

— Monique Randle, Clinical Social Worker in North Little Rock, AR

I have assisted many couples move through the crisis of infidelity in a marriage, utilizing an Imago oriented approach.

— Nancy Koff, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

You just found out. You are probably asking yourself, "How could I have been so stupid?", "How can I ever forgive?", "Do I want to forgive?" Learning that our partner has been unfaithful is devastating. Your heart has been torn in two pieces and you flip flop between sadness and anger. You don't know if you can ever trust anyone again. Whether you decide to stay in the relationship or decide to move on, learning to trust again is hard but with help and guidance you can recover!

— Lisa Dyck, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Westlake Village, CA

Infidelity and affairs can create major discourse in relationships and marriages and may make you feel that everything you thought you knew has been turned on its head. You may feel like there is no way to get past it and no way to trust again. I'm here to tell you that there's hope and your relationship or marriage can thrive and move past the disruption that infidelity has caused. I specialize in helping couples understand what went wrong and how to work together to make it work!

— Dominique Battle, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Winter Park, FL