Incarceration and Reentry

Getting out of prison (also known as re-entry) can be incredibly stressful and pose many challenges, including the need to secure housing and employment, and re-connecting with family and friends. At the same time, while some medical needs may have been addressed in prison, issues like substance abuse and mental illness may not have been addressed at all. Seeing a qualified professional therapist can help with the transition back into society outside of prison. Therapy can provide tools to help solve problems, deal with social situations, and to control anger – in addition to helping with substance abuse issues. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s incarceration and re-entry specialists today.

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I worked for nearly two years within an addictions treatment program at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women, and then for another year+ in an outpatient clinic for individuals, primarily men, on federal probation after their re-entry from being incarcerated. These experiences and the learning I have done sense has made me passionate about the cyclical nature of trauma on people who are incarcerated and the systemic obstacles facing their successful re-entry to society.

— Lisa Kays, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in WASHINGTON, DC