Gender Identity

Gender identity issues, sometimes called gender dysphoria or gender conflict, occur when an individual feels an inconsistency between their physical gender and the gender they truly feel or identify with. This most commonly exhibits itself as a physical discomfort with the gender one was assigned at birth, including the feeling of being in the wrong body. Children with gender dysphoria may express disgust of their own genitals or a certainty that they will grow up to be the opposite sex. Some individuals with gender identity issues treat this feeling by physically modifying their bodies to better match their gender identity. Gender dysphoria comes with it an increased risk for depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and bullying. If you are experiencing gender identity issues, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s qualified professionals today.

Meet the specialists

I conduct evaluations for recommendations letters related to gender affirming medical care (single letter or second “doctoral” letter) based on a informed consent model. Letters cover all areas required by insurance, physicians, and the WPATH international care guidelines. Talk therapy is based on client goals and often includes exploring how the person understands their gender, wants to present privately and publicly, coming out to family and friends, and managing safety and minority stress.

— Todd Koser, Psychologist in CHERRY HILL, NJ

I specialize in working with people who identify as trans and/or gender non-conforming or non-binary. My clinical work was featured in a NY Times Magazine article in June of 2019 titled "The Struggles of Rejecting the Gender Binary." I speak about non-binary sexuality at conferences and work with patients exploring their gender identity to navigate the societal challenges that come with being outside of cis world views.

— Jan Tate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Mebane, NC

Gender and sexuality define who we are, the way we love, and how we connect with others. Diverse and, therefore, controversial, our gender and our sexuality are too often handled without acknowledgment of the power they hold. I work with marginalized identifies, including but not limited transgender, non-binary, intersexed, gay, lesbian, bisexual and non-monogamy. ,The focus of therapy on the client's self defined needs, along with specialized services of Hormone Replacement Therapy support and

— Jan Tate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Mebane, NC

I have years of experience working individually with people who identify as TGNC or are questioning their gender identity. I have also done many trainings making schools, mental health practitioners and medical staff more affirming to TGNC persons. It can be really hard to find a therapist that is welcoming to someone who doesn't fall into the cis-gender binary world, but even harder to find someone who is affirming. I not only want to affirm your gender identity but I want to celebrate it.

— Mal Johnson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Gender-Affirming Therapeutic Services I welcome all diverse gender identities and expressions at any stage of the journey. I will work alongside you to help provide mental health assessment and documentation requested or required for any reason, such as access to gender confirming care. I support the Informed Consent Model for care and will work as a facilitator in your process. I am willing and excited to work collaboratively with other affirming practitioners to help along your journey.

— Kira Hayes, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Newark, OH

I have been specializing in supporting clients with gender identity exploration for over eight years. I have extensive experience providing assessments and referral letters for gender affirming medical care. I am knowledgeable and affirming of all trans and non-binary identities. I also know how to simply acknowledge gender as part of your identity and experience in the world and move beyond it to focus on other areas of concern or interest.

— Colin Wolf, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

Much of my practice has provided services to folks who are exploring their gender identities. Some folks present with a goal of wanting to gain a better understanding of their gender role. And many folks present with a goal of wishing to socially or medically transition. I offer mental health counseling to folks looking to explore their gender; as well as, one-time-assessment sessions to folks who are in need of a medical intervention letter.

— Kassondra Wilson, Mental Health Counselor in Tacoma, WA

I have experience working with individuals that do not align with their sex assignment given at birth. In addition, I have experience with comorbid disorders often experienced with gender identity issues.

— Jacqueline Maple, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Melbourne, FL

It's tough when you are trying to figure out who you are and society seems to have the wrong choices. I can help you figure it out in a very safe and supporting place. I have a blend of compassionate academic experience and personal insight. You can do this.

— Dianne Piggott, Counselor in BOISE, ID

As a trans/non-binary therapist, it is important to me to provide an open and non-judgmental space where people can explore and experience their gender. I also use my training as a body-based therapist to support the integration of gender identity into the movement and physical expression that feels natural and right for each individual I work with. I believe it's possible to access gender euphoria through exploring new ways of being in our bodies.

— Avi Vodnoy Wolf, Licensed Professional Counselor in CHICAGO, IL

I take an approach embracing a positive and wholehearted view of all gender and sexual identities and relationships. I treat all clients and their families with dignity, respect and the affirmation they deserve. Your sexual orientation and gender identity or expression may or may not be source of distress for you. You may find that having a qualified mental health professional who has familiarity, experience and desire to work with issues you face as a member of the LGBTQ community helpful to you achieving your desired outcomes. Having access to an unbiased and supportive resource can make a big difference on your journey to authentic living. For individuals within the LGBTQ community, I provide a safe, supportive and positive space to explore feelings and issues related to all stages and seasons of life including: Identity Development Stress Management Self–Esteem Concerns Coming Out Processes Interpersonal Relationships Coping with Perfectionism Social Concerns Gender Identity

— Allison Glorioso, Mental Health Counselor in Fort Myers, FL

Over 13+ years working with LGBTQIA+ individuals. I have provided multiple trainings and have written a book for therapists to learn more about being more informed and culturally sensitive. While I am a cis, white, hetero ally, I work toward centering queer voices as an ally.

— Traci Lowenthal, Psychologist

Do you ever find yourself living in confusion where it’s hard just to think clearly much less make good decisions? Do you see others living in drama and are confused by what that means? Do you find yourself seeking drama in the hopes of reducing your pain? Ever known anyone who could make productive decisions when they’re confused? Neither have I. If you’re ready to eliminate the confusion in your mind and life, give me call. I can help you find certainty and peace in your authentic self.

— Rice Pierce, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Phoenix, AZ

Gender identity is part of your sense of self, and is unique for every person. Understanding, accepting, and living as yourself can be a challenging and scary process when navigating labels, social expectations, and fears. As a gender affirming therapist, I believe your gender is 100% valid and integral to your experience whether you want help with exploring your identity, support letters, parenting, or just wanting to be treated as a whole person going through normal people problems.

— Miriam Kolni, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Carrollton, TX

Exploring the influence of the gender binary, gender roles, how various cultures view gender differently, gender markers, correct pronouns, having discussions around gender identity with loved ones, friends, or co-workers. There are a lot of issues that can come with exploring gender identity. I recognize that there are many sides to this concept and work with my clients to provide them a safe space to explore issues connected to gender, regardless of how they identify.

— Joey Salvatore, Counselor in Baltimore, MD

I have specialized training and experience working with gender identity. I did 2 internships and an externship at an LGBTQ+ counseling center and have continued to receive additional training in this issue. I currently run one of the few transgender groups in the area.

— Mike Elliot, Counselor in Pittsburgh, PA