Abortion, Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage

Meet the specialists

The loss of a child, no matter the age or circumstances is a loss of a lifetime. Grieving this loss is a 7 stage process.

— Michelle Kelley, Counselor in Cedar Vale, KS

Addressing your reproductive health concerns in therapy may look like addressing sexual difficulties that impact your ability to conceive, exploring decisions about how or when you want to become a parent, or finding fulfillment in living child free. You may also need space to address impacts of experiences with abortion, infertility, or surrogacy. Therapy provides you with space to understand your reproductive story and build confidence to make informed choices about your reproductive health.

— Jessica Byrd, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

I have post-graduate training in grief counseling, including working with clients who are experiencing grief that is largely ignored by society, or that is stigmatized.

— Kimberly Woodard, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Largo, MD

My own experience of infertility and pregnancy loss has helped me to provide an understanding of what my clients are going through that has been invaluable in treatment. No, you don't always have to have the same experiences as your therapist for a therapist to be effective, but infertility and pregnancy loss make you feel alone and separate from others, so having a treatment provider that has been there and really knows how you feel can create a strong therapeutic relationship.

— Lisa Koehler, Clinical Social Worker in Geneva, IL

It turns out, pregnancy loss might be the most common experience nobody knows about. Until it happens. And then a woman, and often a couple, has to live it. Having experienced it myself, I have learned the tools to help others through the loss of their unborn child. CDC reports that about 12 percent of women ages 15 to 44 have “difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term,” while an estimated 7.4 million women in that same age bracket using fertility services.

— Dana Philossaint, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Summerville, GA

If you had an abortion - I know it was a hard decision to make and a difficult process to go through. I also know, that you're experiencing loss that is hard to talk about, because society judges you. I am here to offer you a judgement free space. Losing a wanted pregnancy goes against what we believe is the nature's way. It's losing someone we never met, yet loved dearly, it's losing the hopes we had for them.

— Shirley Shani Ben Zvi, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Roswell, GA

As a doula for planned parenthood, I have several years experience supporting pregnant people prior to, during, and after the abortion procedure. I am deeply familiar with not only the procedure itself, but with the many "opposite" emotions such as relief and guilt, for example, that can be experienced. I also am aware of the courage it takes to make the decision to have an abortion, and to have that decision be judged as you past protestors to get to your appointment.

— Autumn Cloud-Ingram, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Bethany, CT

These losses are complicated emotionally and physically. I'm dedicated to helping women navigate this complicated and trying time.

— Jasmine Zinser, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Fairfield, CT