Abortion, Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage

Meet the specialists

I have post-graduate training in grief counseling, including working with clients who are experiencing grief that is largely ignored by society, or that is stigmatized.

— Kimberly Woodard, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Largo, MD

Mothering comes in many forms - including those not seen on the outside. Being able to cope with infertility, abortion, pregnancy loss, infant death, and miscarriage are all beyond incredibly difficult. I give the space to be in those feelings safely, acknowledging them and providing comfort and support. I am certified by PSI on perinatal mood disorders and aim to have women/mothers with these experiences be able to cope and transition forward.

— Sarah Gugluizza, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Stone Ridge, NY

I focus my treatment on pregnant women experiencing physical complications, anxiety, and/or depression.

— Shenne Bend, Counselor in ,

Pregnancy loss can be a great sorrow, and for many, a trauma. Whether you intended to end your pregnancy, were faced with difficult choices or experienced a loss at any stage in pregnancy or shortly after birth, the experience is profoundly personal and important. Working with a compassionate and experienced therapist can help you process your feelings and heal.

— Cara Fairfax, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Diego, CA

Perinatal loss can be challenging to process and often goes unrecognized by even those closest to you. Through experience and training, I help clients open up to what this loss means to them and some of the challenges and feelings they are having while sharing their story. I hold space for others to process their experience while integrating it within their journey.

— Amy Galaviz, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Portland, OR

Along the lines of women’s health and reproductive issues my research background and clinical interests align with exploring and deconstructing ways in which women have been historically invalidated and unable to have safe spaces to discuss concerns around the reproductive and sexual issues they may be facing. I like to use therapy as a platform to explore these concerns more deeply and provide a safe space in which to do so.

— Chelsea Twiss, Psychologist in Fort Collins, CO

Reproductive Psychology is my microniche. I work with women (and men) going through chronic infertility, pregnancy or baby loss, postpartum depression, and give support throughout the surrogacy or adoption process. Perinatal mental health encompasses all that one suffers about trying to be a parent.

— Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove, PsyD, Psychologist in Tampa, FL

I have dedicated most of my research into understanding how to best help women and couples dealing with issues around pregnancy and parenthood, whether because you are trying to become pregnant, you have a difficult pregnancy, experienced loss, or are a pregnant or new parent dealing with this exciting but really challenging stage of life.

— Dr. Adriana Dyurich, Licensed Professional Counselor in Corpus Christi, TX