Abortion, Pregnancy Loss and Miscarriage

Meet the specialists

I have post-graduate training in grief counseling, including working with clients who are experiencing grief that is largely ignored by society, or that is stigmatized.

— Kimberly Woodard, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Largo, MD

Pregnancy loss can be a great sorrow, and for many, a trauma. Whether you intended to end your pregnancy, were faced with difficult choices or experienced a loss at any stage in pregnancy or shortly after birth, the experience is profoundly personal and important. Working with a compassionate and experienced therapist can help you process your feelings and heal.

— Cara Fairfax, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Diego, CA

Reproductive Psychology is my microniche. I work with women (and men) going through chronic infertility, pregnancy or baby loss, postpartum depression, and give support throughout the surrogacy or adoption process. Perinatal mental health encompasses all that one suffers about trying to be a parent.

— Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove, PsyD, Psychologist in Tampa, FL