Group Therapy Session

Women's Process Group Therapy

Last updated on Oct 15, 2021.

We have a couple of openings in our process therapy group for women 30 and older. This is an online group led by two seasoned psychotherapists. Process groups are quite distinct from support groups. While a process group does offer support, its focus is on the process of therapy more than the content. An intake is required, as is being in on-going individual therapy. Contact: Molly Nicholson, MA, LPCC [email protected] 612-702-4119 or Juliann Miller, MA, LP [email protected] 612-88

Molly Nicholson
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor
Group topics: Anxiety, Depression
Group Meets:
  • Friday
Start Time: 4
Session Length: 75 minutes
Cost: $65
Group Size: 6