Group Therapy Session

TRANSform: Support for Trans/GNC/NB Folx

Last updated on Sep 20, 2021.

This is a support group for individuals that identify as trans, gender noncomforming, nonbinary, or outside the gender binary in some way. This group is open to all gender expressions and is facilitated by Remi Larson, ACSW, a trans nonbinary clinician. While group members will guide the weekly discussion, topics may include social and medical transition, family, employment, sexuality, gender expression, pronouns, discrimination, clothing, friends, and more.

Remi Larson
Associate Clinical Social Worker
Group topics: Gender Identity, LGBTQ Issues
Group Meets:
  • Saturday
Start Time: 10:00am
Session Length: 90 minutes
Cost: 25
Group Size: 4-10