Group Therapy Session

The Veterinary Commiseration Club (1st & 3rd Sundays)

Last updated on Jun 03, 2022.

This group is a place for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, assistants, and office staff to address compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, burnout, impostor syndrome, workplace culture and dynamics, grief, depression, anxiety, family-of-origin issues, boundaries, relationships, and emotional coping, all with the benefit of the shared experience of working in the veterinary field. Members can self-pay or Patrick Turbiville, LCSW can facilitate requesting payment by their employer.

Patrick Turbiville
Clinical Social Worker
Group topics: Personal Growth, Job Stress
Group Meets:
  • Sunday
Start Time: 11am
Session Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $80/month for vets, $40/month for staff for 2 sessions.
Group Size: 3+