Group Therapy Session

Support group for early to mid-20's

Last updated on Apr 01, 2021.

Co-led by Shannon Navarro, MFT. We are offering a support group from 9/6/18-10/25/18 for individuals in their early to mid-20's looking for new ways to navigate through the transitions of college, career, and relationships. This group will help you to: build a support network, learn stress management skills, reduce anxiety and feelings of overwhelm, improve your confidence, better manage expectations, set up good habits and practices to take better care of yourself.

Melanie Lopes
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Group topics: Life transitions, Stress
Group Meets:
  • Thursday
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Session Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $400 for 8 sessions
Group Size: 6-8