Group Therapy Session

SELF-CARE SUNDAYS: Self-Compassion (12 Weeks Fall-Winter)

Last updated on Sep 07, 2022.

FORMING a 12-week online bibliotherapy group using Dr. Neff's book! Beginning 10/2/2022, this closed group will focus on being kind to ourselves throughout the run-up to the New Year. The $399 fee includes an initial 1:1 call to ascertain goals of participation and assure comfort with the facilitator and format. Additional worksheets will support chapter assignments and allow individual tailoring.

Denise Torres
Clinical Social Worker
Group topics: Personal Growth, Self-Esteem
Group Meets:
  • Sunday
Start Time: 9:30 am
Session Length: 75 minutes
Cost: $31 ($399 in total)
Group Size: 5-7
End Date: 12/18/2022