Group Therapy Session

Postpartum and Perinatal Women's Therapy Group

Last updated on Nov 11, 2022.

This ongoing 6 week cycle online therapy group is designed to provide tools and emotional support to women navigating pregnancy and postpartum motherhood. Gain CBT tools and mindfulness techniques to help navigate anxiety, depression and this major life transition. Connect with other women who truly understand your experience, provide support and help feel less isolated in your journey. Open to NY, DC, VA, MD and GA. Email [email protected] or find more information:

Kelsey Bates
Licensed Professional Counselor
Group topics: Pregnancy and Postpartum, Women's Issues
Group Meets:
  • Thursday
Start Time: 1:30-2:45
Session Length: 75 minutes
Cost: $150, Out of network superbill provided
Group Size: 8-12