Group Therapy Session

Multicultural Sisterhood & Sacred Dance

Last updated on Jul 26, 2021.

Does it feel like your entire life has been split between lands where you are the bridge between cultures? Dedicated to all my multicultural women, together, we hold space for the nuances & complexities of navigating multicultural experiences for the ethnic woman. Sharing experiences about identity, belonging, searching for “home”, dating, and more! Empowering ourselves through cultural sacred dances from Belly Dance, or Raqs Sharqi to Indian Classical Dance. Your dance culture is welcomed!

Ketki Chavan
Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Group topics: Cultural and Systemic Oppression, Women's Issues
Group Meets:
  • Thursday
Start Time: 6:00PM
Session Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $480 for 4 sessions
Group Size: 6