Group Therapy Session

Mastering Anxiety

Last updated on Jul 29, 2021.

Mastering Anxiety: An online 8 week therapy group helps members to manage and master their anxiety. This group teaches: Breathing techniques Havening techniques Identify how you experience anxiety in your body through the use of art How to use EFT Self Acupressure Visualization tools Cognitive skills to challenge unhelpful thoughts Mindfulness to notice your anxiety but have less attachment to it Understanding Cognitive distortions Each group member will receive a PDF workbook. Starts 8/25/21

Celine Redfield
Marriage & Family Therapist
Group topics: Anxiety, Social Phobia
Group Meets:
  • Wednesday
Session Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $40-50
Group Size: 6-8
End Date: 10/13/2021