Group Therapy Session

Fat Liberation Therapy Group - March 15 start date

Last updated on Feb 04, 2022.

Fat liberation is a social justice movement that works against anti-fat bias, oppression, and discrimination; understands anti-fat bias and discrimination to have strong roots in anti-Black racism, colonialism, and classism, and that anti-fat bias and discrimination are routinely practiced especially by the medical profession; seeks to identify and alleviate systemic anti-fat bias and individual prejudice, and to unlearn internalized fat bias and oppression; affirms the value of all people, rega

T.Lee Shostack
Clinical Social Worker
Group topics: Body Image Issues, Self-Esteem
Group Meets:
  • Tuesday
Start Time: 7 PM
Session Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $50/group, sliding scale
Group Size: 12
End Date: 06/28/2022