Group Therapy Session

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group

Last updated on Apr 14, 2023.

This group is for those who are past the daily struggle of their eating disorder and are navigating life and the areas of recovery beyond food, exercise, and body. We explore Health at Every Size, body liberation, anti-diet, weight stigma, and what it means to live an anti-eating disorder life. Start Date: September 2022, 8-week commitment Time: Thursdays, 5 – 6:00 pm Location: Zoom Fee: $800 Facilitated by Tessa Gordon, LMFT, RYT

Tessa Gordon
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Group topics: Body Image Issues, Eating Disorders
Group Meets:
  • Thursday
Start Time: 5:00pm
Session Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $100/session
Group Size: 6-8
End Date: 09/10/2023